10 May 2014

Microsoft Mini Tablet Using Qualcomm Processor

Microsoft Mini Tablet Using Qualcomm Processor

Microsoft's Surface tablet device has been rumored to be made ​​the smaller version since two years ago . Soon, the wait will soon be over .

Microsoft plans to introduce a new Surface tablet at an event , 20 May 2014, in New York , United States .As rumored by Bloomberg ( 05/06/2014 ) , Microsoft Surface tablet is also a small version for the first time will use a Qualcomm processor . Thus , Microsoft is no longer cooperate with the Nvidia chip suppliers Surface .

Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is currently used with many smartphone manufacturers , including Samsung Electronics with its Galaxy line . However , on the side of the tablet , Qualcomm had not had such success in the smartphone segment , because it can not compete with Apple's dominance with the iPad .

Surface mini version to be released Microsoft reportedly will have a unique screen size , 7.5 inches with a resolution of 1440 x 1080 pixels , a 4:3 aspect ratio . Thus , the shape will be more like the iPad than the previous Surface tablet with a 16:9 aspect ratio . 

Lots of questions and speculation about the shape of the screen selected Microsoft . Answering that question , Microsoft said that in the future there will be a tablet Surface with aspect ratios different . 
Surface tablet will run a small version of the Windows operating system RT instead of Windows 8 . Having said that , like the Microsoft Surface RT and Surface 2 , the tablet is not going to be able to run older software for Windows desktop version . 

According to internal Microsoft sources told Bloomberg , in addition to releasing a small version of Surface , Microsoft Surface tablet will also feature equipped with an Intel processor . Surface before using chips made by Nvidia which uses ARM technology .