24 May 2014

Lenovo Also Prepare "Wearable Device"

Lenovo Also Prepare "Wearable Device"
Devices can be used in the human body or popularly called wearable device, believed to be a trend in the computer industry. Anticipating this, the technology company Lenovo is also developing wearable device products.

President of Lenovo Mobile Products Division, Lui jun, said that the company was going to make wearable devices under the trademark of Lenovo in late 2014.

Unfortunately, he did not explain in detail what kind of wearable devices to be created.

In an interview with German technology site MobileGeeks on Jun also briefly touched on smart watches Motorola Mobility, named Moto 360. Should the Lenovo sanctioned U.S. and Chinese regulators to acquire Motorola, the Moto 360 will be included in the portfolio of Lenovo products.

Lenovo's decision to buy Motorola Mobility from Google, will give more strength to the China -based company to compete in the industry of mobile devices and wearable devices in developed countries.

Under an agreement in January 2014, Lenovo needs to raise 2.91 billion U.S. dollars ( about USD 35 billion ) to acquire Motorola.

Lenovo also get 2,000 patent assets of Motorola and will receive patent license from Google in the future. Clearly, the main thing that Lenovo is targeted " Motorola's trademark. " This brand is still considered to have traction in developed countries, especially in the United States, where the Motorola "born".