10 May 2014

Is this the iPad and iPhone Features New Standard?

iPad iPhone
Fingerprint scanner hardware behind the button

Believed Apple will introduce the iPad and iPhone product line is the latest in 2014 . Well , there is a feature that is present since the iPhone 5S is going to be a standard feature for all of Apple 's new gadget . That feature is , if the rumors true , fingerprint scanner Touch ID .

Apple first introduced the Touch ID fingerprint scanner on the iPhone's home button 5S . Touch the alleged presence of ID as a standard feature is based on a word from industry reported by BGR .

According to information , the manufacturer Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company ( TSMC ) has finished producing the first batch of Touch sensor ID that will be installed on the iPhone 6 , iPad Water 2 , and 3 mini iPad . 

The sensors were manufactured by Crystal Semiconductor Xintec and Suzhou , two subsidiaries of TSMC . Previous reports said that TSMC will also produce the Touch sensor ID in the second quarter of this year .In addition to the fingerprint sensor , TSMC will produce the majority of A8 64-bit chip that will be used on Apple mobile devices this year .

Previously, a similar prediction was revealed in early April by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is known to predict the future of Apple products accurately, as is done by Macotakara 

At that time, he mentioned that the iPad models that will be launched in 2014 include Air ipad 2 and iPad Mini Retina Display - new models will be equipped with a fingerprint scanner .