10 May 2014

iPhone 6 Will More Rounded

iPhone 6

With the exception of the iPhone 5C are made ​​of plastic , since the 4th generation , Apple iPhone smart phone always carries the form of more or less similar to the striped side firmly .

The opposite might be true for the iPhone 6 , which according to the latest leak will have a different design .The news comes from Japanese website Macotakara who is known to have an accurate track record in predicting Apple products that have not been released .

Macotakara says that the iPhone 6 will probably be having the corners and the screen is more rounded , unlike the iPhone which has a fringe 4/4S/5/5S firmly underlined .The design of the iPhone 6 is called similar to a bumper for the iPhone 5/5S design made ​​by the Japanese company , squair , as can be seen in the picture above .

Last year , a preliminary report from Bloomberg it was mentioned that the iPhone 6 will have a curved glass panel at the edges .iPhone 6 itself crowded reported to be available in 2 variants . One version with a screen measuring 4.7 inches and the other with a larger 5.5 -inch landscape display .

Because it has a larger shape than their predecessors , a number of design changes to be implemented on the iPhone 6 , among others, move the power switch from the top to the side to make it more easily accessible .