10 May 2014

iPhone 6 : Between iPad Mini And iPhone Earlier

Information about the new flagship smartphone that will be launched Apple , iPhone 6 , continues to flow , even though Apple itself remains silent . Yes , as usual .


iPhone 6

This time the MacRumors site tries to put the " mockup " of the device between the iPad Mini and iPhone from the three previous generations , to see the difference in size and physical form .The rough mockup or model made ​​by leakage, seepage before the design of the iPhone 6 ( the version with the 4.7 -inch screen ) , which is then printed using a 3D printer .In the figure reported by Ubergizmo , it seems that the 4.7 inch screen on the iPhone mockup is white , if will actually become a reality , will increase the size significantly compared to the iPhone 5 ( 4 inches ) which is on the left . An iPad Mini on the right side to complete the comparison .The difference was even clearer when the iPhone 6 models compared with the previous two generations of the iPhone that carries a 3.5- inch screen .MacRumors
iPhone 5 and iPhone 6
Mockup iPhone 6 ( left ) in the hand , than the iPhone 5 .

MacRumors also took time to grasp mockup iPhone 6 in hand , to estimate the convenience of later use .it can be seen , the iPhone's 4.7-inch screen 6 will likely make it more difficult to handle . Apple is rumored to be moving the power button to the side of the iPhone 6 to be more easily achieved , due to the larger screen size .It may be that size will also increase the number of icons in the iOS operating system that is displayed on the screen , into 24 pieces in one screen ( 4x6 ) .In addition to a 4.7 -inch version , Apple also plans to introduce a so-called iPhone 6 version of the tablet with a screen size that is even greater , reaching 5.5 inches .