16 May 2014

iPad Will be Equipped with Multitasking Feature


Apple iPad tablet is known only to present the appearance of one application on the screen , but the situation may soon change .

At 8 IOS operating system update that is suppose to be announced at WWDC 14 conference , early June , the iPad will reportedly receive a fiur better multitasking ability to display two applications simultaneously .

9to5 Mac the launch site information was explained that the second application on the screen may also be able to interact with each other .

Users , for example , can transfer content such as video , images , or text from one application to another application running side by side .

This feature is designed for the iPad reportedly regular version has a 9.7 -inch landscape display . It was unclear whether the iPad Mini will have similar capabilities or not .

When Apple actually released the iPad with 12 -inch screen , the ability to run two apps in one screen so this may be one of the flagship features .

Limitations of the iPad is only capable of showing one application on the screen for this is often the subject of ridicule competitors such as Microsoft's tablet , Surface , can run two applications at once on the screen . Similarly, the Samsung Galaxy Tab line of
her tablets.