31 May 2014

How to Protect My Facebook Acoount ? (The New Feature Of Facebook)

Facebook Protect
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In 2013 ago, Facebook released a feature called Trusted Contact. Here's an easy way to set up and use the features of the Trusted Contact.

Trusted Contact has a function to allow Facebook users when they could not access her Facebook account because either forgot the password or other events.

This new feature will send a security code to five trusted friends of the users Facebook account. Five friends on the Facebook social networking will also be chosen by the users themselves.

To open a Facebook account and perform recovery, you will need to enter at least three security code that is sent to five Facebook friends your trust account.

To set up and use this feature quite easily. First of all is to press the Settings button located at the top right of the page and access the Security Settings later bearing the Trusted Contact and Edit.

In the Trusted Contact page will appear and an explanation of other link that reads "Choose Trusted Contact. " When you access the link, it will display a pop - up that briefly describes the feature, then press the Choose Trusted Contacts.

After pressing the button, the back will pop-up with a new blank column that can be filled with the names of anyone who would like to send the secret code. The names of people who believe that you must already exist in your friends list. When finished click the Confirm button.

When you are finished press the Confirm button, then Facebook will automatically send the information that they have been chosen by you as a holder of ' secret key. '

So it can be compared, if you want to travel and house keys accidentally lost or fall, with these features, you can still enter the house as usual. Good luck.