26 May 2014

Google Will Embed Ads On Refrigerator and "Smartwatch"

Google Will Embed Ads On Refrigerator and "Smartwatch"
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Advertising is the main business for Google. In the future, the giant of search engine is not only showing ads on personal computers or mobile devices, but they also penetrated the " smart " other.

" A few years from now, we and other companies can distribute advertisements and other content in the refrigerator, car dashboard, thermostat, sunglasses, and watches, " Google wrote in a letter filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC ), the agency the U.S. government regulating capital markets, as quoted by Business Insider.

The letter was intended as an answer to the question I notify the SEC about the reluctance of mobile business income to investors.

Google's revenue stream from mobile reasoned hard to pin down because of the definition of " mobile " will continue to change as more and more new types of smart devices.

" We expect that users will use the service and see our advertising through a wider range of devices in the future, then our advertising system will increasingly depend on the type of device, " said Google.

Google denies the possibility of ad serving homemade device via Nest Labs, the company longer ( startup ) maker of smart thermostats and smoke detectors which Google acquired valued at 3.2 billion U.S. dollars earlier this year.

" Nest... do not have a business model based on advertising and has no plans to move in that direction, " writes Google.