15 May 2014

Google Testing Cars Unmanned Highway

Google Testing Cars Unmanned Highway

Car technology that runs automatically without driver development results Google is not going to be available in the near future . However , the internet companies have started to test the car on the highway , and it seems to make other road users feel comfortable .

The trial was carried out a car without a driver on the highway around Google's Mountain View , California , United States ( U.S. ) , and invited a number of local journalists on Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) .

For 30 minutes , the car runs automatically and is able to navigate safely on the highway which is also used by cyclists and pedestrians . The car was also able to obey traffic signs .

" People need to understand that a car without a driver is not something to be feared , but something is needed and embraced the future , " said Ron Medford , who served as director of personal safety at Google .

The person sitting in the car I waved a few times over to prove to journalists and the public that this car runs automatically .

According to Alexei Oreskovic of Reuters reports , travel by car without the driver feels like a taxi ride . Normal rate of speed , with the ability to maintain distance from the vehicle in front and around it .The car will slow down any time finding a traffic light . Even a car that can detect traffic lights fitted with odd angles , eg oblique position of the driver's view .

Recognized by Reuters journalist , that sometimes change lanes to the car's speed noticeably sharper than usual .

Google employees in the driver's seat never take over the helm , except when it starts a new car or parking .Head of project car without a driver at Google , Chris Urmson , claims , automobile technology is not familiar drowsiness and can react faster to unexpected situations .

Such a used car without a driver this time is a car brand Lexus RX 450h which has been modified by Google . In addition to the global positioning system ( GPS ) , they added a number of sensors that spins 10 times a second to collect 360 -degree view of the environment around the car .

This car is the secret Google X project which was developed in the last five years . The two founders of Google , Larry Page and Sergey Brin , hope this technology can reduce accidents and deaths on the highway .

Brin targeting technology made ​​by Google's car without driver will be available in 2017 .

Nevertheless, there are still concerns in the community over the technology . In the United States , there are no regulations governing the use of a car without a driver on the highway .

Ambitious projects I recently invited some controversy . Google Smart Glasses Glass , for example , the size of a postage stamp put on display in the frame and is capable of recording video , has raised fears of privacy violation .

Glass Google users who drive vehicles also had ticketed in San Diego , California , USA . Traffic police assess that device as a monitor that blocks the view and can distract the driver and disturb the comfort of other highway users .