1 Jun 2014

Google Prepares Android TV

Google Prepares Android TV - ZhivoTech
Google TV - hothardware

Google reportedly will announce the latest system is Android TV applications developer conference Google I / O, next June, in San Francisco, California, USA. Android TV is going to replace Google TV launched in 2010.

Android TV is not focused on television application. According to reports GigaOm, Android TV platform will offer the services, content, and online games, similar to Amazon's Fire TV.

Video content providers Netflix and Hulu Plus will support Android TV reported. Google also will announce that partners make the hardware to run Android TV.

Previously, the company has been trying to get into the television business by presenting Chromecast in late 2013. This product is basically a TV dongle that allowsusers to stream online video of the smart phone, tablet, or laptop to atelevision screen, connected over the same network

Google continues to expand its use of the Android operating system to other electronic devices. In addition to Android TV, the Internet company that also makes the Android operating system designed specifically Wear for devices that can be used in the human body ( wearable device).