14 May 2014

Google Glass Components Price Only 150 dollars. Is It Really?

Google Glass inside
Google Glass Components after stripped

Google Smart Glasses Glass that has been sold on a limited basis through online media some time ago , with a price tag of 1,500 dollars , made ​​from components predicted total price of approximately only 150 dollars. 

The estimates revealed by market researcher IHS institutions that scrapping components in Glass , and try to calculate the cost of production .According to IHS , as quoted from Recode , Monday ( 12/05/2014 ) , Glass turned out to be made from ready-made components , in the sense that I do not need to make it again , just stay assembled . 

Processor and other key components are also predicted UHS components produced for a long time , in 2012.

Overall, the price of all components ( bill of materials) that is used to make Glass by IHS only about 132.47 U.S. dollars , plus the cost of assembly is charged for each device for 20 dollars .

The most expensive component of Glass by IHS is a titanium frame is circular in its head . The price component estimated 22 dollars per unit . 

Meanwhile , its main component , in the form of silicon screen , estimated worth 20 U.S. dollars . For processors , Glass uses artificial Texas Instruments OMAP4 chip , which is based on ARM Cortex A9 processor . It costs about 8.85 U.S. dollars . 

So if the cost of production is only 150 dollars , why Google to sell in the range of 1500 dollars ? 

According to IHS analyst , Andrew Rassweiler , many components are not included in the Glass calculations above , such a smooth container boxes , storage glasses are custom -sewn , and charger are also custom and looks luxurious .

Previously , Teardown.com site also claims to have  dismantle Google Glass components and calculate the price of each component . According Teardown.com , the total price of the components to make Google Glass only 80 dollars . 

In response to the above , a Google spokesman Glass said , " We appreciate what the IHS and Teardown.com . However , their estimates are wrong, " he said . " Google Glass production price is higher than the estimate , " he added .