21 May 2014

Google Aims Service "Complementary" YouTube

Google YouTube
YouTube - BBC

Although Google already has a YouTube video sharing service that was very popular, but it did not stop Google's move to acquire other video sharing services.

The Wall Street Journal on Sunday ( 18/05/2014 ), reported that Google is in talks to acquire video sharing service called Twitch.

When confirmed, the spokesman for both companies declined to comment on the news.

Nevertheless, the founders Twitch reportedly reluctant to sell the company. They just want to open an investment from outsiders.

In September 2013 then, Twitch get an investment of 20 million U.S. dollars from a number of venture capital firms, among others, Thrive Capital, WestSummit Capital and Take - Two Interactive Software.

Twitch allows anyone to broadcast their games in person, added to the comments of the players. This service has been used in competition big game, but is more popularly used by regular players to share their gaming experience.

One Xbox and PlayStation 4 supports Twitch by presenting a live broadcast to the Twitch features of the console.

Google, if so buy Twitch, expected to combine these services with YouTube. Completing what has not owned by YouTube.