28 May 2014

For The First Time, Lenovo Subvert Apple At War Of PC


Despite the decline in performance in the global PC industry, Lenovo remains to prove that the combined company IBM has not ' run out'.

According to T3 ( 25/5 ), Lenovo managed to beat Apple at their own homes with a net profit of up to USD 817 million for PC sales in the United States during the last three months.

Lenovo finally occupies third place behind the other giant companies such as Hewlett - Packard ( HP ) and Dell in the first place as the brand with the highest computer sales.

In the last quarter of 2013 was actually Lenovo has outperformed Apple to ship more computers to the U.S..

Lenovo's CEO and chairman, Yang Yuanqing, also assume that this is proof that the company remains committed in the PC sector expanded in the middle even though the smartphone business.

" Not only strengthen its position as a leading PC manufacturer, but we ( Lenovo ) also increased sales of tablets up to 4-fold and become fastest-growing smartphone manufacturer in the world, " said Yang.

This is true, considering that Lenovo has sold 9.2 million tablets and 50 million smartphones worldwide.

This success is supported by those who continue to step menggerojok smartphone market with cheap quality. Look at Lenovo A Series is an average priced under $ 2 million but it brings qualified specification.

They are still ' eager ' to increase profits by 69 per cent after acquiring Motorola for USD 2.1 trillion.

Lenovo is also expected to provide fresh air in the PC market by producing laptops classy with friendly price in smartphone - like pockets of their smartphones.