13 May 2014

BlackBerry Not Interested In Creating "Wearable Device"

sony wearable device
Wearable devices from one manufacturer of Android smartphones

BlackBerry did not want to follow the lead of its biggest competitor , Apple , Google , and Samsung , which began to develop a device that is used in the human body ( wearable device) . The Canadian company has yet to make a wearable device plans .

" We have no plans to make wearable device , " says BlackBerry CEO John Chen on the sidelines of the launch of the BlackBerry Z3 in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 13/04/2014 ) .

Chen emphasized that it would continue to focus on developing existing products . In the consumer segment , they develop smart phones based on BlackBerry 10 and trying to make money from an instant messaging application BlackBerry Messenger ( BBM ) which is available on the Android and iOS platforms .

As for the corporate segment , the company continues to strengthen its BlackBerry server Enterprise Service ( BES ) . " Our server was very safe , used by the banks to the government . So we will focus there , " added Chen .

Technology industry is now beginning to be enlivened by wearable devices , such as smart watches , bracelets digital , and smart glasses .

Apple reportedly is preparing a smart watch that can detect heart rate and pace , so that the fitness function can monitor users .

Companies Sony and Samsung have even made smart watches that have reached the second generation .While Google continues to develop features in Google Glass
products . Although , the product has not been marketed in bulk .