11 May 2014

Apple Will Soon Have A New Rival


Smartphone manufacturers from China , Huawei on Wednesday ( 05/07/2014 ) and then released the latest smartphone Ascend P7 series . Huawei claims that its latest flagship smartphone it becomes part of the company's move to topple Apple's dominance .

Ascend P7 which went on sale in June in Europe and Asia is priced at 665 U.S. dollars and is expected to provide income over a Huawei business units .

"Value for money is not enough , we also have to make premium products in order to compete in the marketplace , " said President of the Consumer Business Group of Huawei Europe , Richard Ren , as reported by CNet .

According to Ren , Huawei has admitted a long-term plan with premium smarrtphone . The end goal is to be able to compete with the giant Apple .Described by Ren , Huawei plan is divided into three phases , namely phase breaker , growth phase , and the latter is a phase lead .

Huawei's first phase has been done by creating a strong foundation at the level distributors and retailers . They instill confidence that Huawei is a brand that is trusted .

While the second phase , growth , Huawei has started in the past year . In 2013 the P6 Ascend smartphone sold 4 million units . While this 2014 Huawei Ascend P7 targets to sell 10 million units .In total , the number of smartphone shipments all lines Huawei is also expected to increase , from 52 million units last year to 80 million units by the end of this year .

Thus , the portion of the premium smartphones Huawei will increase from 7 percent to 13 percent , of the total sales of the company ." We will complete the second phase of this plan in 2017 , " said Ren .

The third phase is the phase in which Huawei a leader in the mobile device segment . In another sense , a market share of more than 15 percent globally .

For comparison , the current global market share of Huawei 's new 4.9 percent , according to IDC research institute . While Apple's market share reached 15 percent , and Samsung 30.2 percent .Huawei plans for some people this may sound ambitious , but
Ren  sure Huawei is able to do so .