30 May 2014

Apple Prepare Mac Without Intel?

Apple Logo
Apple Logo

In 2005, Apple announced the transition of the Mac computer line processor IBM Power PC to the desktop chips made ​​by Intel. Almost ten years later, it might turn again occur.

The latest news reported by Cnet says that Apple is developing a line of ARM processor -based Mac computers. The ARM architecture has been used on Apple's mobile chips homemade gadgets, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Mac computer models are rumored to be switching to ARM processors include Mac Mini, iMac, and Macbook 13 -inch laptop line. Computer is alleged to be running a version of the Mac OS operating system that is designed to be another walk on the ARM architecture.

In addition, Apple also mentioned an ARM -based Macs will complement the new keyboard that has the area " Magic Trackpad " large.

When announcing the iPhone 5S in September last year, Apple had claimed that the chip is 64 - bit A7 ( ARM -based ) embedded in the device architecture brings " class with desktop processors ".

AnandTech never browse the site A7 chip some time ago and found that Apple claims turned out to be true.

If the next mobile chips ( A8 ) equipped with 4 pieces of Apple's core, it may be the processor will have the " power " that is sufficient to run a low-end Mac systems, at least theoretically.

It is unknown whether Apple will actually shift some of its computer products to the ARM architecture or not. Clearly, similar news actually already been raised several years ago, in 2011.