10 May 2014

Apple Patented "Super Camera" for iPhone

iPhone super camera

While other manufacturers compete to cram in smartphone camera sensors each with its " megapixel " higher , Apple stuck with a resolution of 8 megapixels since the iPhone 4S was released 2011.However , the iPhone in the future may be able to capture high -resolution images without the need for camera sensors with a " big megapixel " .

The possibility of that is shown through a technology patent published by Apple , on Thursday ( 08/04/2014 ) yesterday . Patent documents Cult of Mac reported that describe the camera with the mode " super - resolution " .

Diagram of the super-resolution camera technology in Apple patent

This mode works by taking multiple images at once in a very short time . Each picture was taken with a slightly different angle , utilizing optical Image Stabilization Facility ( OIS ) .The images are then combined into the final result has a higher resolution than the native resolution of the camera sensor used .

A central processor - such as the Apple iPhone 5S - A7 on controlling overall shooting mechanism , with sensors and actuators to move the position of the OIS .

Of course , as with any other technology that is patented , not necessarily the camera " super resolution " would actually materialize in the form of a mature product . Patent was filed in November 2012 on behalf of the Engineering Manager Richard L. Baer and Camera Software Engineer Damien J Thivent .