12 May 2014

Apple Add New Stimulus For His Company. Almost Certainly Acquired Beats

Beats Music Electronic
Headphones Product made ​​in Beats Electronics 
After rumors about the launch of the iPhone 6 in August, Apple reportedly plans to acquire Beats Electronics, which makes the headphones with the Beats brand . According to Reuters two sources, Apple almost certainly acquired Beats .

One source said , Apple's acquisition of Beats not only target the headphone device technology as a complement to the Mac OS -based products and iOS only. Moreover , Apple is also eyeing online music service " Music Beats " to strengthen the iRadio service .

According to reports , Apple plans to spend 3.2 billion dollars , or nearly $ 37 billion to acquire Beats . It is probable that the deal will be announced next week .One of the founders of Beats , Dr . Dre, is reported to have celebrated this acquisition agreement with his colleagues , including actor Tyrese Gibson .

Gibson had published the video with Dre on Facebook , which says that Dre is now included in the " billionaire boys club . " In the video, Dre also illustrates that he is " the first billionaire in hip - hop . "

The video did not explicitly confirm the acquisition agreement Beats by Apple . However , several hours later , Gibson decided to remove the content from their account .If the later happens, then the purchase of Beats will be the acquisition of the greatest value to Apple that have never spend more than 1 billion U.S. dollars to buy other companies .

Some are wondering about the reasons behind the acquisition of Apple . Forbes speculates that Apple eyeing Beats Music streaming service and talent in Beats to strengthen his own business .

News of the proposed acquisition by Apple of Beats Audio sound a bit ironic because the two founders of Beats , Dr . Dre and Jimmy Iovine , forming the company was disappointed with the loss of quality because the audio ( MP3 ) which is driven by a homemade Apple iPod .

Shares of Beats Audio was purchased by as much as 50.1 percent of smart phone manufacturer HTC from Taiwan in 2011, valued at 300 million U.S. dollars . The two companies then collaborated apply audio products in a number of models of HTC smartphones .

However , the agreement failed to produce significant added value to the last in September 2013 . HTC  resell all shares owned.