12 May 2014

"Age" of Windows Phone 8.1 Just 36 Months?

windows phone
Windows Phone Operating System

The new Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview version released in the last month will be officially launched in the next few weeks . Microsoft also has set the life cycle of its mobile operating system .

Windows Phone 8.1 for public rumored Phone Arena ( 05.11.2014 ) will be released in China next week fastest . Nokia Lumia 630 will be the first device to be carrying him .

According to Microsoft , Windows Phone 8.1 will soon be getting support from the Redmond -based company that began June 24, 2014 . Determine when Microsoft also has support for Windows Phone 8.1 is ended .

From the release made by Microsoft in his blog , support for Windows Phone 8.1 will expire on July 11, 2017 . Thus , Windows Phone 8.1 will only be on the market for 36 months , including support for OS updates and security updates .

Microsoft said , the latest update will be made ​​based on the previous update . That is , to be able to install the latest update , users should already have previous updates that Microsoft released .However , Microsoft also said that the operating system update will also be determined by the manufacturer or Windows Phone mobile operators supporting him . 

Meanwhile, the support system of Windows Phone operating  7.8 models will be discontinued Microsoft on September 9, 2014 .Information about Microsoft support cycle to its mobile operating system that can be viewed through the following link .